One to One Support

Autoimmune diseases can be really hard to manage and psoriasis is no exception.

The diagram opposite gives just a few of the triggers that keeps your psoriasis flaring all the time. To help manage your skin you need to get to the root of what led to your psoriasis to start in the first place, then you need to remove what is triggering your flares.

When you work with me on a one to basis we will delve into your personal case history to see what may have led to your psoriasis initially. We will also look at your current diet and lifestyle in great detail to explore what is continually making your skin flare up.

How It All Works

Stage One

First we need to have an initial chat to see if we can work together. By this I mean maybe you have another medical condition which may mean it is not appropriate for us to do so, or you may want to know more about the process in general and whether it is something you want to do. From experience, the best outcomes come from clients who are willing to make a long term commitment to changing their diet and lifestyles. Regular consultations over a period of 6 months give you the best chance of achieving positive changes and controlling your psoriasis. Although as we are all different, it can take longer or even be much quicker than this.

Stage Two

The next step is for me to send you a comprehensive health check questionnaire and 3 day food diary. Both of which need to be sent back before our initial meeting. This will enable me to prepare for your first consultation so that I am able to ask the right questions in order to gain as much information as possible about your health history.

Stage Three

The first consultation is an in depth look at your health history. This can be done face to face or via a Zoom video meeting. We will look over your family history along with what health and lifestyle issues you have had since birth. We will also look at your food diary and current lifestyle. All this information helps to identify what is triggering your psoriasis and where we need to concentrate in order to manage your skin. This will take up the bulk of our first consultation and will enable me to formulate a plan for you to follow. My recommendations will include:

  • Priorities to concentrate on (such as blood sugar control, digestion, liver support)

  • Functional testing recommendations

  • Dietary changes

  • Lifestyle changes

  • Supplement recommendations

Stage Four

This is where you put the work in to change your diet and lifestyle. You will be given lots of help to do this, including:

  • A written report of what we have discussed in each of your consultations and a step by step plan for you to follow. The report will also include food plans, shopping lists and checklists to keep you on track.

  • E-mail support throughout the 6 months, in-between your consultations.

  • 10% discount on supplements

  • You will also have a free 6 month membership to Project Pso, where you can access various resources, such as videos and workbooks explaining a variety of psoriasis related subjects.

Stage Five

You will have a return visit each month for the next 5 months. This is where we discuss test results and update what is working for you so you can continue to make progress. We also look to see what isn't working and how we can adapt anything that needs changing.

Stage Six and Beyond

At the end of the 6 months you should have a good understanding of how to manage your skin, but if you need further help and support we can arrange future visits whenever you need to.

Project Pso

If you don't feel ready for this kind of commitment, my membership site Project Pso will give you lots of information that you can work through at your own pace.


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