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As a child I found having psoriasis could be quite isolating. Except for my Dad, I didn't really come across anyone else who had it so there was nobody for me to talk to or share concerns with at school or among my friends. My experience with the disease was also very different from his. I had different forms of it and his used to get better in the summer, whereas mine was constantly there. In recent years there seems to be a rise in the number of people who have it. I must admit whenever I have a client with psoriasis I always feel an immediate connection with them as we have a shared experience of this awful disease. It gives me a greater understanding of what they are going through.

I decided to start my psoriasis membership club Project Pso, as I believe people really benefit from being part of a community. Not everyone can understand what we go through, so having a group to share experiences in can really make you feel connected with others. I have seen so many posts on social media where people ask questions on a wide range of topics from nightshades and lectins to topical products and supplements. So a membership club where people can find the information they need and learn fact from fiction seemed so logical. One to one consultations are always the best way to go when managing your skin, but for a lot of people the cost can be off-putting. Memberships are so much cheaper and you can cancel whenever you want to. Plus you can work through the content at your own pace, and I'm on hand every month to answer any questions.

What Do You Get From Project Pso?

Step by Step




Monthly Q&A



Facebook Group

Join the Waitlist

Project Pso will be opening its doors soon for new members, so put your name on the waitlist and be first in the queue.

Step by Step Course

Access to my Psoriasis Progress Pathway course which gives you a step by step guide on where to start and what to concentrate on. You will learn how to calm down your flares and which 3 main areas you should concentrate on to get your skin under control.

Monthly Masterclasses

Each month there will be a new masterclass released. These masterclasses cover a variety of subjects all related to diet and lifestyle and how they affect psoriasis. Topics include digestion, the microbiome, stress, histamine and much more.

You will also have the opportunity to submit ideas for future masterclasses that may be of interest to you and the rest of the members.

Monthly Q&A Sessions

After the masterclass has aired you will be able to submit any questions you may have about it. I will then go live on Facebook to answer them for you. If you can't make the live broadcast, then the recording will be found in your membership area.

We will also have a separate Q&A session every month to answer questions on the basic step by step course and any other general diet and lifestyle queries. Again these will be available to watch later.

Private Facebook Group

You will have access to a private Facebook group where you can connect with other people with psoriasis. You can swap ideas, support and learn from each other.


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